The Following are Contributions to... Dan Onorato's "2003" Campaign.



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LastName FirstName Amount Employer Occupation
Abbott Dominic 500    
Abraham Joseph 500 Merck Medco Pharmacist
Ackerman Lyn 500 (Self-employed) Attorney
Ackerman Jeffrey 500 Grubb & Ellis Real Estate Broker
Adams Elizabeth 500   Homemaker
Adams Mike 2047.36    
Adams Mike 2500 Cipriani & Werner Attorney
Ahmed Elfatih 750 A&A Consultants President
Ahmed Elfaith 1000 A&A Consultants President
Aiello, Jr. James 1000 Self-Employed Real Estate Developer
Aiken Curtis 500 eSGS Group LLC Chief Executive Officer
Aivaliotis Aristotle 5000 Aivaliotis Painting Company President
Aivalotis Chris 500 Aivaliotis Painting Company Executive
Alexander S.Tyrone 500 Highmark Health Systems Executive
Allan Norman 1000 CS McKee Vice President
Allen Jeff 10000 Palomino Capital Management President
Aloe Frances 5000    
Aloe John 1000 Avatar Development President
Aloe John 1000 Avatar Development Inc. President
Alsayegh Majid 500 Alta Management LLC Principal and Senior Consultant
Alves Keith 500 Citizens Bank Senior Vice President
Ambrico Justine 1000 KSA Consulting Receptionist
Amdur Brett 300 Verilow Technologies, LLC President/CEO
Ames Raymond 500 Anderson Equipment Company Businessman
Amrhein John 1000 West Penn Financial Broker
Amrhein John 2100 West Penn Financial Businessman
Anderson Doris 1800   Homemaker
Andro Ronald 500 UPMC Administrator
Anthony Ray 15000    
Antonelli Ronald 500 Anker Co. Plant Manager
Antonelli Robert 700 United Jewish Foundation Director of Government Affairs
Archinaco Frank 1000   Retired
Arcovio Robert 1500 Margolis Edelstein Attorney
Armstrong David 500 Dickie, McCamey & Chilcote, P.C. Attorney
Armstrong David 350 Dickie, McCamey & Chilcote, P.C. Attorney
Arneault Edson 5000 Mountaineer Race Track President/CEO
Arnoni Robert 2000    
Arnoni Ronald 1000    
Artuso John 1000    
Assid Dr. Edwin 10000 Self-Employed Physician
Astorino Louis 2500 Astorino Architects Architect
Astorino Jill 500   Homemaker
Astorino Louis 1000 Astorino Architecture Principal/V.P.
Babst Chip 2320.65    
Bach James 5000 The Louis Berger Group, Inc. Businessman
Baierl William 1000 Baierl Chevrolet President/Owner
Baierl William 500 Baierl Chevrolet-Honda Owner
Baldwin Gregory 1000 Baldwin Brothers Businessman
Baldwin Matthew 1000 Baldwin Brothers Businessman
Balsamico John 500 Complete Vending Services Owner
Barbarita Michael 1000    
Barbour John 1000 Klett, Lieber, Rooney & Schorling, P.C. Attorney
Barbour John 1500 Klett, Rooney, Lieber & Schorling Attorney
Barcelona Jack 1000 Bailey Engineers President
Barkman Mary 275 Campbell, Durrant & Beatty Attorney
Bartoli Eugene 1000 Eugene Bartoli Attorney
Basciotta Carol 2500 Carnegie Mellon University Book Buyer
Basso Ronald 480 Buchanan Ingersoll, P.C. Attorney
Beach Thomas 2500    
Beach Thomas 2500 Remington & Vernick, Engineers Engineer
Beachler, III Edwin 1000 Caroselli, Beachler, McTiernan & Conboy Lawyer
Beachler, III Edwin 1000 Caroselli, Spagnolli & Beachler Attorney
Beatty Vicki 2000 Campbell Durant Beatty Attorney
Bendheim Jack 5000    
Berger Frederic 5000 The Louis Berger Group, Inc. Businessman
Berger Daniel 2000 Berger & Montague Attorney
Berkowitz Nancy 500 Oncology Nursing Society Event Manager
Bernstein Robin 500 Robin J. Bernstein Consultant
Bernstein Robin 1200 SGS Group LLC Consultant (Self-Employed)
Bernstein Michael 2000 Leedsworld, Inc. Executive
Betters C.J. 1000 Self-employed Developer
Bice Thomas 500    
Birru Mulugetta 300 Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authority (Check This) Executive Director
Birsic Thomas 500 Kirkpatrick & Lockhart, LLP Attorney
Bishop Abiathar 1500   Retired
Bishop Arthur? 1250 (Check this) Retired
Bizard Cliff? 600 Northwinds Marketing(Check This) Marketing Manager
Black Theodore 1000 Pittsburgh Penguins Attorney
Blatt Robert 5000    
Blauth Louis 500 Graphic Communications International Union Business Rep,
Blume Peter? 800 Thorp Reed & Armstrong (Check This) Attorney
Board, III Dr. George 1000 UPMC Physician
Bookwalter, III J.W. 1000 J.W. Bookwalter III Self-Employed
Bott Ethel 1000    
Botula Jon 1000 Jon C. Botula Attorney
Botula Jon 1000 Jon C. Botula & Associates, P.C. Attorney
Bova Paul 1250    
Bowerman Michael 500 Amel Inc. Attorney
Boyle Brian 500 Advanced Acoustic Concepts Executive Vice President
Bramer David 2000 David C. Bramer Accountant/Consultant
Brendel Neal 500 Kirkpatrick & Lockhart, LLP Attorney
Bresnahan William 1000 Hollinshead, Mendelson, Bresnahan & Nixon, P.C. Attorney
Briya Raymond 2500 MS Consultants CFO
Briya Raymond 500 MS Consultants Firm Principal
Brodzik Dolores 1000   Self-Employed
Brough Mary 1000   Homemaker
Brough Mary 1000   Homemaker
Brourman Audrey 1000 AL Brourman, Inc. President
Brown Jeffrey 1000 Grane Healthcare Businessman
Brown Jeffrey 1000 Grane Healthcare Controller